Friday, October 9, 2009

So I'm up at the crack of dawn watching "Way Too Early" and it comes over that Mr. Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. I'm happy for that and I believe he deserves it, because he has changed the tenor of diplomacy. I'm happy for him too; anyone would like a little lift after the media bashing he's received the last few weeks.

Right on the heels of my happiness comes Joe Scarborough LAUGHING at the idea of Mr. Obama being honored with the Peace Prize.

What kind of people are you out there, who would attack someone for trying to make things better?

I'm very uncomfortable with the media in general right now. Even left-leaning shows such as SNL and Countdown have bellied up to the bashing bar. My first thought was "et tu, Brutus" .

The media was almost single handedly resposible for burning down Howard Dean, and look where that got us.....four more horrifying years of Bush the bumper-sticker said, "steady horsemen for the apocolypse".

George Bush-hole led us into a war in Afganistan which thus far has accomplished exactly nothing. The women are no safer; they are still being brutalized and terrorized, and Bin Laden is still hanging out with his friends.

I guess we went to war with Iraq so we could make things better for exxon-mobil. War with Iraq weakened America more than anything else up to now. It was also very convenient to hang Saddam Hussein before he could spill any of the beans about his relationships with people like Donald Rumsfeld , way back before he became public enemy number one.

The conservatives, dare I call them the christian-wrong, are clamoring for a war with Iran. I think it is worth remembering when the Americans were held hostage in Iran. Everyone came home ALIVE. Those people cannot be too barbaric. Of course I'm not happy that they were held hostage, but the Iranians were not happy that we had interfered in their country's politics. As witnessed by the recent elections in Iran , people are trying to break away from the poison fruit cake regime of their current leaders. How shall we help them? Shall we drop more bombs on an already brutalized people? Or shall we use diplomacy and friendship?

I'm gonna vote for friendship. I'm gonna vote for all those Iranian young people who use the internet and hope for a better world for themselves. And to paraphrase Bill Clinton, I'm going to vote for an America that uses the power of example, not the example of power.

My heart-felt congratulations to Mr. Obama.


vanishing point said...

Yes, thank you, we should be celebrating this, now you know douche-bags saying that the Nobel Peace prize has affirmative action, well, I got my job because of affirmative action, and I can do that job just as good as anybody else where I work, maybe better.

Black Diaspora said...

sisterstation, this criticism of the Nobel Peace Prize going to the president, from those on the Left and the Right, is indeed a head-scratcher.

Could it be that the Do-Nothing Party has finally done something: convinced people--because of their non-stop bitching and moaning--to join the gripe chorus, and buy a one-way ticket on the take-Obama-down train?

sisterstation said...

Ultimately, I'm hoping that the bitching and griping turns people in the other direction; people usually want to get away from all that constant negativity.
I do think there are some in the media who want to treat this all like a game, like pie-throwing.
The same people who are criticising our duly-elected president are the ones who went into raptures over Sara Palin.
They were claiming that she had more experience! I need one of those little icons with the eyes bugging out.
It doesn't really matter how many times they say something; saying it isn't going to make it true. Their rhetoric could almost make a stranger to the country believe that the republi-can'ts won the election, but we all know otherwise. Unmitigated gall and brute force can only take you so far.
Then we have all these people who say Mr. Obama hasn't done anything so far. I guess saving everyone's 401k's before they were worthless doesn't count.
People like Glen Beck say Mr. Obama doesn't like white people. Oh, really? What about all the guys on the Maersk? It doesn't look to me Like our president took up for the Somalia pirates. I have said this before; the rep/cons are in control of nothing but a soiled, dissolute and dishonest movement, and all their whinng and bitching will never sew that movement back into a flag.