Thursday, March 5, 2009

911 Calls

Last night when I first heard about that girl calling 911 I had a tendency to giggle a little,but you know, when I thought about it.....what recourse does any one really have? If she had jumped the counter to grab her three bucks out of the till, they would have called 911 for sure, and they would have made sure she was in way worse trouble. She paid for something that she didn't get. And how do we know that she didn't have her weary mother waiting out in the car with a two -year -old ready to have the mother of all tantrums if they didn't get their mcnuggets? or any of a thousand other scenarios. Maybe, to her, it really was an emergency. The fair thing to do would be for Mcdonald's to pay her fine and undertake to educate people about the uses and misuses of 911 and educate themselves on how to treat customers. It's possible that at that moment in her life, 3 bucks was a lot to her, because everything else for that day had already been spent.
There has been some research published lately about the experience of unfairness and how it can undermine our immune and cardiovascular systems . I am expecting McDonalds to make this right for her, otherwise, that's just another product I won't buy.