Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm from New york; it's not that I actually expect horrible things to happen, it's just that that is so often the case.
But that jet that landed on the hudson river.....oh my God what a thrill! I don't even know one single soul of these people but I am so happy and so proud of every one. This is what we're supposed to be like.The passengers got away with their lives, which is more than enough! The ferry boat personnel prove that new yorkers are not cold or unfeeling, just savvy and quick to react. And the plane pilot! Oh my God chalk one up for the older folks. Experience and courage will trump a thirty year old hot-dog any day of the week!
And in a peculiar and superstitious way, I think it is a glorious portent for Mr. Obama's presidency. We are going to turn this all around and get it right this time. Hope springs eternal!