Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am so disgusted by the supreme court, by the right wing, by people like John McCain and his ludicrous suggestions regarding health care reform.

People like him have quite simply done everything they possibly could to undo and impede the work that President Obama and his team are trying to achieve. They are so corrupted and so dishonest; pointing the finger of blame at President Obama, when they are the ones who have prolonged this nightmare with every breath in their body.

It is like being held under water and allowed to breathe at the last possible second, and then being thrust back under the water again. It's their version of political water-boarding.

I have to think of something positive today. I have to think of something good, and find something of worth to send out into the maelstrom. So I send out my message of hope.

Baby girl lifted
From that
She is alive
As alive as she will
Ever be; baptized
Bottled water is poured upon
Her head .
She blinks
And ducks
And drinks
As we catch our breaths in wonder.
She carries the weight of the thousands.

When there was no one left to look for her,
The world looked
For her, and in looking,
Found ourselves.

May God bless every one who loves and lives and cares for others.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There is a certain delicious irony in the right wing's recent protestations with regard to Mr. Reid's comments.

I can't believe the way people like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Michael Steele have the nerve to stand there with a straight face and call for Mr. Reid's resignation.

Where was this righteous outrage after the NY Post published the chimp cartoon? Nary a peep was heard.

Where was it when the essentially racist birther movement was really getting started? Where was it during that tea party march in Washington, when those KKK cretins were carring their ugly signs. Where was it when Joe Wilson willfully disrespected our duly elected president? Racism is the underpinning for a great deal of what is said by Michelle Bachman, John Boehner and especially Sarah Palin the not-so-secret white supremacist.

This is just another one of their meaningless pissing contests.

But today, I believe, is the day when we see the true measure of a great man and a great leader.
Today is the day we get to see how President Obama will respond to the disaster in Haiti.

We will get to compare it to Mr. Bush's response to Katrina.

Let us also not forget that while Bush 43 was in charge, Haiti had a CIA engineered Coup. I can't understand why there is NO video of Aristede resigning and climbing the steps of a plane. There is video of everything these days...everything..but no video of a world leader resigning and somehow choosing (roll your eyes here) to be set down in the middle of the continent of Africa.

Then we watched in horror when 2,000 people lay dead in Haiti after a hurricane, while Bush's Washington cooled its heels. Well, you know, Haiti doesn't have any oil!

I believe the human toll will be far greater today in Haiti. Sadly I believe we are seeing a disaster of epic, mammoth proportions unfolding as we speak.

But I believe that this time, we will get it right, insofar as anyone can. We will make inroads instead of excuses.

Over the years I have worked with many wonderful Haitian-American nurses, nurse aides and doctors. Like Ireland, Many of Haiti's greatest exports are its people. My heart goes out to all of you.
I hope and believe that today is the day that we as Americans begin to fulfill our promise to humanity.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

George Bush ducking the shoes ends up being a good metaphor for his entire presidency. They said Reagan was the "teflon" president, but Bush makes Reagan look like an amateur.

When Bush was owner of his ball team in texas, he and his cronies cooked up a way to get a large number of acres taken into eminent domain so that a stadium could be built. That doesn't sound all that bad on the face of it, but when you scratch the surface you find that , although only around 10 acres are needed for a stadium, 50 acres were commandeered. 40 acres were kept by the buyers, who were then able to develop that property commercially and make another fortune.

As we know, eminent domain is a concept that has undergone an incredibly cynical transformation in recent years. This may be somewhat of an over-simplification, but essentially, developers seem to be able to go to municipalities and make the case that they, the developer, could bring in far more revenue, thus the property that they want should be condemned and sold to them.

Being able to own property and keep it as long as you pay the taxes has always been a huge part of the american dream...and the republicans have the nerve to call some of us un-american!

Bush just made all these metaphorical roadside bombs that always blew up in someone else's face, not his.

It has never been answered to my satisfaction why Bush 43 did nothing at all to prevent an al quida attack in the weeks and months before 9/11. We will never know if Al Gore would have prevented it, because the opportunity was wrested from him , but I'll bet he wouldn't have ignored a memo on his desk on August 14 or so that said al quaida wanted to steal our airplanes.

Could he just possibly have ignored it because an attack on our soil would be a tailor-made excuse for an invasion into Iraq?

It just doesn't seem to me that the Bush/Cheney family, minions and sycophants suffer much at all from the giant messes that were made. Only the rest of us.

And it continues. Those they don't agree with are labeled liars or sick puppies. The truth is denied daily. Bush' s presidency just went from one wtf moment to the next, and truthfully, they did expect us to believe all the malarkey. Stupid people think every one else is as stupid as them.

If we consider Katrina, the holes in all their stories become all the more apparent. I'm still trying to understand how they expect us to believe that Anderson Cooper could get into New Orleans but the richest country in the world couldn't drop some batteries on a hospital roof top. Could the neglect of New Orleans have been intentional? I wonder how many people lost their small but valuable chunks of gulf area real estate to developers.

I am getting way past tired of the way all of these lying crooks keep hanging around like a bad smell. They lost the election for a very good reason; the american people can tell the difference between truth and lies. If telling the truth makes you a sick puppy, call me a sick puppy too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Perhaps the christian right should quit thumping their bibles and open them up and read them.

The book of proverbs lists " 6 things the lord hates and one his soul detests , namely, haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plots, feet that are swift to run into mischief, a deceitful witness that uttereth lies, and him that soweth discord among brethren."

I was thinking of the seven deadly sins first with regard to Karl Rove. Every time I saw him on the news he reminded me of gluttony and sloth. Actually he reminded me of the pillsbury doughboy because he always seemed so pasty-white and shapeless, not even all that heavy of a guy, but with this oozing, amorphous, complete lack of muscle tone as though he had never done an honest day's work in his entire life. From all reports, he also has a heart that devises wicked plots.

After I got done thinking about that, I realized that there was a perfect cast of characters for a modern version of the seven deadly sins: Glen Beck, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Karl Rove. How perfect; just enough sins to go around. And who among them has not or is not sowing discord among brethren?

The seven deadly sins are generally listed as Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

Pride is also sometimes called vainglory. George Bush standing on the aircraft carrier declaring victory would have to be called vainglory.

None of these guys are even remotely sexy, but I would have to award lust to O'Reilly, and wrath to Dick Cheney. Rush limbaugh competes really hard with Karl Rove for gluttony and sloth, so they get to share. I will award greed to Sean Hannity, because greed can also be defined as avarice which includes disloyalty, deliberate betrayal, or treason. When DO we all get around to acknowledging how treasonous all these media bastards are ? They are relentlessly working against President Obama , ignoring the wishes and the voice of the vast majority who voted for our president.

Glen Beck surely deserves envy. "Those who commit the sin of envy resent that another person has something that they perceive themselves as lacking ; they wish the other person to be deprived of it." I think Glen Beck cries because something beautiful has come into the world and he realizes he can never be a part of it, so he will just try and destroy it instead.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's not that I'm happy that the afghan (I can NEVER remember how to spell that) elections turned out to be a fraud, but, I do feel that we who are advocating for restraint are vindicated.

Are any of us really surprised that the Karzai government is not really trusted by the Afghan people? The Bush Cheney Whitehouse engineered Karzai's ascension to power in Afghanistan. They really never seem to vet anything all that well. Karzai's brother is apparently the biggest drug dealer in their country..should we spill the precious blood of our children for that?

If Bush had been able to stay on message and deal with the Taliban like he said he would, maybe things would be different.

But all of a sudden a huge portion of the resources of the armed forces were being squandered in Iraq, for reasons that most of us will probably never fathom.

The republicans were always claiming that they should be re-elected because they "kept us safe". Really? When was that? After theydidn't keep us safe? That has been their biggest lie of all.

They never got anything right, and they never did anything the way they said they would.

These are the same losers who are claiming that Mr. Obama hasn't accomplished enough.

Yet the voices of the world say otherwise.

The repubs and cons need to quit believing they can turn horseshit into champagne.

Mr. Obama's base is going nowhere, no matter what people like former Senator Crist say. We are all still firmly in his corner, believing in him and pulling for him to succeed.

Friday, October 9, 2009

So I'm up at the crack of dawn watching "Way Too Early" and it comes over that Mr. Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. I'm happy for that and I believe he deserves it, because he has changed the tenor of diplomacy. I'm happy for him too; anyone would like a little lift after the media bashing he's received the last few weeks.

Right on the heels of my happiness comes Joe Scarborough LAUGHING at the idea of Mr. Obama being honored with the Peace Prize.

What kind of people are you out there, who would attack someone for trying to make things better?

I'm very uncomfortable with the media in general right now. Even left-leaning shows such as SNL and Countdown have bellied up to the bashing bar. My first thought was "et tu, Brutus" .

The media was almost single handedly resposible for burning down Howard Dean, and look where that got us.....four more horrifying years of Bush Cheney...as the bumper-sticker said, "steady horsemen for the apocolypse".

George Bush-hole led us into a war in Afganistan which thus far has accomplished exactly nothing. The women are no safer; they are still being brutalized and terrorized, and Bin Laden is still hanging out with his friends.

I guess we went to war with Iraq so we could make things better for exxon-mobil. War with Iraq weakened America more than anything else up to now. It was also very convenient to hang Saddam Hussein before he could spill any of the beans about his relationships with people like Donald Rumsfeld , way back before he became public enemy number one.

The conservatives, dare I call them the christian-wrong, are clamoring for a war with Iran. I think it is worth remembering when the Americans were held hostage in Iran. Everyone came home ALIVE. Those people cannot be too barbaric. Of course I'm not happy that they were held hostage, but the Iranians were not happy that we had interfered in their country's politics. As witnessed by the recent elections in Iran , people are trying to break away from the poison fruit cake regime of their current leaders. How shall we help them? Shall we drop more bombs on an already brutalized people? Or shall we use diplomacy and friendship?

I'm gonna vote for friendship. I'm gonna vote for all those Iranian young people who use the internet and hope for a better world for themselves. And to paraphrase Bill Clinton, I'm going to vote for an America that uses the power of example, not the example of power.

My heart-felt congratulations to Mr. Obama.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The fastest way to have an efficient health care system would be to build it ourselves and separate ourselves from the insurance companies.

Health care for all children should be part of our school taxes. It should include children from birth to age 20, 23 if attending college, and pregnant women.

When we pay for car insurance, we are not buying it for maintenance and wear and tear. Homeowner's insurance also does not cover maintenance, etc. We should be able to get routine medical care at a fair price, and count everything that we spend as a tax deduction. Insurance should only be needed for injuries and diseases, and it should cost one tenth of what it does now.

There are plenty of doctors and nurses out there who are willing to simply make a good living, not a killing. So let them work for the government. We already have an Indian Health service. Why not a health service for the rest of us? We can provide educations to people who are willing to work for a good living. There are plenty of talented and compassionate young people out there who don't need to make ten times more money than the president and get rich off misery and suffering.

It would be cheaper to educate legions of healthcare workers than to continue to try to appease the insurance company monsters. The health insurance companies will never have our interests in their hearts.