Thursday, September 24, 2009

What an interesting installment of Theatre of The Absurd yestersday. Mr. Khadafy is pretty much a fruit cake. It occured to me that satellite tv must have good reception in Libya, because Khadafy seems just like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck; ridiculous assertions based on collosally false predications, broad gestures and a lot of meaningless paper throwing.

I didn't hear anyone interupt him. Or call him a liar. And just as an aside, I found it offensive that Facebook had a question, "do you think Kanye West is a douche-bag for interupting Taylor Swift?" Where was the same question on Facebook about Joe Wilson? The really big difference between the two incidents (other than the gravity of the venues) is that Kanye West made a sincere apology, and Joe Wilson made a very grudging, half-hearted apology and he might as well have been winking while he said it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A while ago I read a study about marriage counseling. Surprisingly, there is one predictor which is very strong for the failure of the marriage, and that predictor is, if one or both parties are treating each other with scorn.(Maybe it's not so surprising.)

Scorn is generally defined as; a feeling of anger and disdain; extreme contempt; to treat disdainfully; to refuse or reject as contempible; to treat derisively. I do believe the average observer would have to agree that the birthers, tea partiers, politicians such as Joe Wilson and media types such as Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are all very scornful in their descriptions and depictions of President Obama, and this is really the heart of why it's becoming so dangerous.

It indicates (just like in a marriage) that none of them are trying anymore. By their very contempt they are saying that they are seceding from this political process and that they will not be constrained from their incivility. The back and forth has broken down in them, and they don't care what they say anymore, and it's not too far off before they don't care what they do anymore.

And really, this is what terrorism is all about. It's about people who don't care about other people's rights or feelings anymore, they feel entitled to be scornful and hurtful, and their flesh and blood, and that of their own children's flesh and blood, is not as important to them as advancing their own ideology, no matter how sick or corrupted their ideologies are.
Just what we all needed......people who make the world even more dangerous.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If anyone ever wanted to know what the dregs of humanity look like, now we know, because they were all on tv yesterday carrying absolutely reprehensible signage, NONE of which actually bore much resemblance to a demonstration about taxes. Taxes are just their flimsy pretext, camouflage if you will.

I bet they set a Guiness book of world record for having the largest gathering of assholes in one place ever.

I had felt a little guilty I suppose, for painting all these people with the same brush, but after seeing that pathetic gathering of chuckleheads I feel vindicated. Racism overshadows every single one of their platforms. They are the rabble without a cause.

I was trying to do the math for 70,000 people. If one out of every thousand people who feel that way came to that hate-fest, that would mean there are 70 million people who feel that way out of 350 million. I hope it's really not that high, but it's in line with what I think about the 20 to 30 percent out there who are miscreants at their heart. I mean really, talk about having your heart in the wrong place.

Some of these people are undoubtedly truly treacherous. I hope their potential (and likely their penchant) for creating disasters is scrutinized and monitored very carefully. During the Bush regime people were spied on and worse for disagreeing with policy and doctrine. Many of these people go beyond disagreeing and venture into the realm of threat.

One of the very worst things about these people is how truly undiscerning they are. All of these people who are ready to buy into any specious monsense that is spewed out at them. They are fed a sort of verbal swill (garbage mixed with liquids and fed to animals, especially pigs).

How fitting. Verbal swill fed to racist pigs!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Well, whom shall I rant about today; there are so many likely candidates.

I really didn't think anyone could disgust me more than Rush Limbaugh, but Glen Beck surely disavowed me of that notion. What is amazing and truly troubling, is that there are so many people out there who listen to them and believe them. Listening and believing them requires that you suspend all rational thought and swallow the lies whole. I would have liked to have been able to think better of people, but I can quite see how naive I was 6 or 8 months ago.

Then a couple of nights ago, a new boor jumped onto our theatre-of-the-absurd stage.
Joe Wilson What a mannerless, classless yutz, an out of shape, overweight hillbilly with a beer belly. In the history of our country no one has ever heckled the president during any kind of session of congress. No one ever heckled George Bush, who is a proven liar.

I am all for free speech, and while I might not like the dissenting point of view, I do feel obligated to at least listen. But Mr. Obama is right. This is not legitimate dissension. This is lies and innuendo, fear mongering based on baseless rumors, and a blatant attempt to disrupt the entire political process. Really I think it begins to border on domestic terrorism.

Most of these people seem unable to accept the outcome of the last election. They seem like a bunch of petulant children bent on having their way at any cost. They seem to not only want to go down with a sinking ship but drown everyone else along with them.

And the racists out there don't know or care that racism is a malignancy that will make us all sick.

I pray to God every day that the rest of us will continue to have the strength to stand together and combat these mean characters who are swimming in a sea of moral decay. Our country's heart depends upon it, and if we fail we risk breaking the spirit of the world.