Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's not that I'm happy that the afghan (I can NEVER remember how to spell that) elections turned out to be a fraud, but, I do feel that we who are advocating for restraint are vindicated.

Are any of us really surprised that the Karzai government is not really trusted by the Afghan people? The Bush Cheney Whitehouse engineered Karzai's ascension to power in Afghanistan. They really never seem to vet anything all that well. Karzai's brother is apparently the biggest drug dealer in their country..should we spill the precious blood of our children for that?

If Bush had been able to stay on message and deal with the Taliban like he said he would, maybe things would be different.

But all of a sudden a huge portion of the resources of the armed forces were being squandered in Iraq, for reasons that most of us will probably never fathom.

The republicans were always claiming that they should be re-elected because they "kept us safe". Really? When was that? After theydidn't keep us safe? That has been their biggest lie of all.

They never got anything right, and they never did anything the way they said they would.

These are the same losers who are claiming that Mr. Obama hasn't accomplished enough.

Yet the voices of the world say otherwise.

The repubs and cons need to quit believing they can turn horseshit into champagne.

Mr. Obama's base is going nowhere, no matter what people like former Senator Crist say. We are all still firmly in his corner, believing in him and pulling for him to succeed.

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vanishing point said...

If they kept us safe, 9/11 would have never happened!

The Obama family is too good for this country, every step he takes is criticized, and while he deserved the Nobel Peace prize, people keep asking why, I saw one blog who posted the women on the commitee and said it was all about white women and white guilt, hello, what country do they think this prize comes from?