Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am so disgusted by the supreme court, by the right wing, by people like John McCain and his ludicrous suggestions regarding health care reform.

People like him have quite simply done everything they possibly could to undo and impede the work that President Obama and his team are trying to achieve. They are so corrupted and so dishonest; pointing the finger of blame at President Obama, when they are the ones who have prolonged this nightmare with every breath in their body.

It is like being held under water and allowed to breathe at the last possible second, and then being thrust back under the water again. It's their version of political water-boarding.

I have to think of something positive today. I have to think of something good, and find something of worth to send out into the maelstrom. So I send out my message of hope.

Baby girl lifted
From that
She is alive
As alive as she will
Ever be; baptized
Bottled water is poured upon
Her head .
She blinks
And ducks
And drinks
As we catch our breaths in wonder.
She carries the weight of the thousands.

When there was no one left to look for her,
The world looked
For her, and in looking,
Found ourselves.

May God bless every one who loves and lives and cares for others.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There is a certain delicious irony in the right wing's recent protestations with regard to Mr. Reid's comments.

I can't believe the way people like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Michael Steele have the nerve to stand there with a straight face and call for Mr. Reid's resignation.

Where was this righteous outrage after the NY Post published the chimp cartoon? Nary a peep was heard.

Where was it when the essentially racist birther movement was really getting started? Where was it during that tea party march in Washington, when those KKK cretins were carring their ugly signs. Where was it when Joe Wilson willfully disrespected our duly elected president? Racism is the underpinning for a great deal of what is said by Michelle Bachman, John Boehner and especially Sarah Palin the not-so-secret white supremacist.

This is just another one of their meaningless pissing contests.

But today, I believe, is the day when we see the true measure of a great man and a great leader.
Today is the day we get to see how President Obama will respond to the disaster in Haiti.

We will get to compare it to Mr. Bush's response to Katrina.

Let us also not forget that while Bush 43 was in charge, Haiti had a CIA engineered Coup. I can't understand why there is NO video of Aristede resigning and climbing the steps of a plane. There is video of everything these days...everything..but no video of a world leader resigning and somehow choosing (roll your eyes here) to be set down in the middle of the continent of Africa.

Then we watched in horror when 2,000 people lay dead in Haiti after a hurricane, while Bush's Washington cooled its heels. Well, you know, Haiti doesn't have any oil!

I believe the human toll will be far greater today in Haiti. Sadly I believe we are seeing a disaster of epic, mammoth proportions unfolding as we speak.

But I believe that this time, we will get it right, insofar as anyone can. We will make inroads instead of excuses.

Over the years I have worked with many wonderful Haitian-American nurses, nurse aides and doctors. Like Ireland, Many of Haiti's greatest exports are its people. My heart goes out to all of you.
I hope and believe that today is the day that we as Americans begin to fulfill our promise to humanity.