Tuesday, November 25, 2008

well I kept commenting at my sister's spot as "anonymous" and i decided i needed to own my opinions, so here goes my blog.
One of the really biggest thrills of my life occured on election day. When oprah said if he didn't win they'd have her in hospital with an IV I had to laugh, because I said if he didn't win I was going to have a heart attack! Just think...we're both still alive! And finally the morals and the hope and the grandeur of this country are alive again too. May God bless Mr. Obama and his family every day.
I do want one more thing for christmas, and that's Mr. Karl Rove trussed up in a nice prison-
orange jump suit with a cute litle bow on his bald head.
And we must never become complacent. There are still too many inequities. I mentioned once in my sister's blog that we need an organized peaceful resistance to the unjust justice system. We need to do that on a very local level, and become the watchdogs in our own small towns and cities. When we are made aware of something that's been adjudicated unfairly, we need to speak out, write, protest, do whatever it takes . I know in my state, Senator Schumer is a stand-up guy and if issues are brought to his attention he will investigate. We can't misbehave or stoop to any dirty low down karl rove type tricks...we just have to take the high road and be as noble and dignified as we can ever be, and if we can do this by the millions, then, Yes We Can!