Friday, August 7, 2009

The most illegitamate presidency in our history was that of GW Bush. He (with the help of the supreme court) literally stole the office from Al Gore. Now we find out the so-called Brooks Brother's riot in Florida was actually staged by republican political operatives from various other states, all working for republican senators and congressmen.
These same liars are the ones trumping up ridiculous charges about Mr. Obama's place of birth, and going around staging more theatre of the absurd in the various town halls with regard to Health care. They have a huge financial stake in this..,,they want to be able to continue to gouge the average person while they continue to make millions, no trillions from the misery of people who are sick or injured. Like the doctor who charged my husband 11,000.oo dollars! as his fee for my husband's knee arthroscopy! And guess what! My husband's insurance paid the guy 4,000.00 and my company paid 7,000.00, without making a peep! None of them want this gravy train to derail.
There used to be a form of socialized medicine in this country, no matter what the party of no will tell you. My mother and father along with millions of others during the depression, had access to clinics. If you couldn't afford a doctor, you could be seen in a clinic, and while it wasn't top shelf maybe, it was competent. When I was a child, we went to an eyeglass clinic, because my dad's insurance didn't cover glasses. All of these clinics have been slowly dismantled by the same people whose lives are ruled greed, and who profess to believe in god so deeply. I say bullshit.
And guess what to all the nay-sayers. Obama has been right so far. Look at the stock market, look at the unemployment rate. Take a close look at what real diplomacy can do. Kennedy said years ago, if you're not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem. So where does that leave the tea party, birther, anti-universal health care republican wack jobs.