Monday, August 24, 2009

I got one of those e-petitions lately. It started out "whether you are for or against President Obama" , and went on to petition the president not to allow illegal aliens access to social security. I'm quite sure that the author or authors of this petition know perfectly well what the bill really says, and they also must be well aware that the White House is not going to give any creedence at all to such a blatant canard.

So, the only real purpose of a mailing such as this is to fan rumors and spread lies, which sounds an awful lot like sedition to me.

I read a great post by Macon the other day; about people who are missing "their America". I think they are all missing Hannity"s America. I also think they are mostly white supremacists, who are so disconnected that they don't even realize that about themselves. There is a new world order trying to be born. A lot of people got used to a conception about themselves that said they were inherently "better", and that their skin color automatically determined their place in the pecking order.

It seems to me that all these people who are missing their america are part and parcel of the same fools who are trying to wreck the health care reform. They are the same nuts who claim that we are heading into socialism. that Obama's government wants to seize control of everything. There are people who would disagree with me , but I think most of these people just can't stand it that a black man is in charge, and they will work against him in any way they can.

That birth certificate bullshit is just that.....bullshit. This ploy allows them to imply that Obama is "not worthy" or "not one of us.
God I'm gettin so sick and tired of all these dog and pony shows.

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vanishing point said...

you are so right, some of these people just can't stand it that a Black man is President, they don't even know anything about health care, all they keep saying is "our constitution" or "you work for us" and ridiculous stuff like that. then there is the "death panel" that Palin dreamed up.
Which reminds me, I should be calling my Senators to make sure my voice is heard too, I want this bill to pass.