Thursday, September 24, 2009

What an interesting installment of Theatre of The Absurd yestersday. Mr. Khadafy is pretty much a fruit cake. It occured to me that satellite tv must have good reception in Libya, because Khadafy seems just like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck; ridiculous assertions based on collosally false predications, broad gestures and a lot of meaningless paper throwing.

I didn't hear anyone interupt him. Or call him a liar. And just as an aside, I found it offensive that Facebook had a question, "do you think Kanye West is a douche-bag for interupting Taylor Swift?" Where was the same question on Facebook about Joe Wilson? The really big difference between the two incidents (other than the gravity of the venues) is that Kanye West made a sincere apology, and Joe Wilson made a very grudging, half-hearted apology and he might as well have been winking while he said it.

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kathy said...

your comparison of kanye west and joe wilson was on target!