Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If anyone ever wanted to know what the dregs of humanity look like, now we know, because they were all on tv yesterday carrying absolutely reprehensible signage, NONE of which actually bore much resemblance to a demonstration about taxes. Taxes are just their flimsy pretext, camouflage if you will.

I bet they set a Guiness book of world record for having the largest gathering of assholes in one place ever.

I had felt a little guilty I suppose, for painting all these people with the same brush, but after seeing that pathetic gathering of chuckleheads I feel vindicated. Racism overshadows every single one of their platforms. They are the rabble without a cause.

I was trying to do the math for 70,000 people. If one out of every thousand people who feel that way came to that hate-fest, that would mean there are 70 million people who feel that way out of 350 million. I hope it's really not that high, but it's in line with what I think about the 20 to 30 percent out there who are miscreants at their heart. I mean really, talk about having your heart in the wrong place.

Some of these people are undoubtedly truly treacherous. I hope their potential (and likely their penchant) for creating disasters is scrutinized and monitored very carefully. During the Bush regime people were spied on and worse for disagreeing with policy and doctrine. Many of these people go beyond disagreeing and venture into the realm of threat.

One of the very worst things about these people is how truly undiscerning they are. All of these people who are ready to buy into any specious monsense that is spewed out at them. They are fed a sort of verbal swill (garbage mixed with liquids and fed to animals, especially pigs).

How fitting. Verbal swill fed to racist pigs!

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