Friday, September 18, 2009

A while ago I read a study about marriage counseling. Surprisingly, there is one predictor which is very strong for the failure of the marriage, and that predictor is, if one or both parties are treating each other with scorn.(Maybe it's not so surprising.)

Scorn is generally defined as; a feeling of anger and disdain; extreme contempt; to treat disdainfully; to refuse or reject as contempible; to treat derisively. I do believe the average observer would have to agree that the birthers, tea partiers, politicians such as Joe Wilson and media types such as Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are all very scornful in their descriptions and depictions of President Obama, and this is really the heart of why it's becoming so dangerous.

It indicates (just like in a marriage) that none of them are trying anymore. By their very contempt they are saying that they are seceding from this political process and that they will not be constrained from their incivility. The back and forth has broken down in them, and they don't care what they say anymore, and it's not too far off before they don't care what they do anymore.

And really, this is what terrorism is all about. It's about people who don't care about other people's rights or feelings anymore, they feel entitled to be scornful and hurtful, and their flesh and blood, and that of their own children's flesh and blood, is not as important to them as advancing their own ideology, no matter how sick or corrupted their ideologies are.
Just what we all needed......people who make the world even more dangerous.


kathy said...

thanks so much for this beautifully written and thought provoking post.

What struck me after reading it, was when I took a course in Peace Science years ago, that soldiers are taught to objective the enemy so that it's easier to kill, that is exactly what Beck & Limpy are trying to do.

kathy said...

i meant to say objectify, sorry about that.