Saturday, October 3, 2009

What kind of person gloats about someone else's loss or failure? It was never a foregone conclusion that Chicago would secure the olympics, and the fact that the olympics will go to Brazil should not for an instant be seen as reflecting poorly on Mr. and Mrs. Obama. But to hear Rush Limbaugh tell it, this is some huge cataclysmic failure.

Rush Limbaugh is simply a spiritually destitute, I'll call him a man-shape, because real men don't act like this. I continue to have a really hard time understanding how people can listen to him and think he has any credibility. He is the worst kind of hypocrite, attacking those who have been busted for drugs while being a giant oxy-contin crack head. What do you suppose the chances are that he actually kicked his habit? Just about zilch...he completely lacks moral fiber. He doesn't have the ability to try that hard at anything.

Lindsay Graham finally stood up to contribute a few weak sentences toward doing the right thing, but really it's about 7 months later than it should have been.

The best part of the whole week is Mr. Grayson from Florida, getting up in congress and explaining the Republican Health Care Plan. The Emperors don't like being told they're not wearing any clothes. I just love the way those ninnyhammers start calling for an apology! Like Mr. Grayson was anywhere near the same category as Joe Wilson. But what a cup of delicious when he said he would apologize to the dead! I,m still belly laughing every time I think about it.

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