Friday, February 20, 2009

The Post

I still can't stop thinking about this, and I wish I could, because the post is all about the past, not the present or the future that MOST of us want. I had to do my CPR yesterday(training) and a very young nurse told me she thought that "too much was being made" of the editorial cartoon. And all I could think was that her sense of "white Privilege" was nearly palpable.
Now my question is, how do I trust the fairness and decency of this person? She passed her boards, so she can't be stupid.
Back during the primaries, the illegal alien question was always coming up. During the primaries , Mitt Romney said he would just "round them all up and ship them back! Would he have started with the Irish first? Because they are the biggest group of illegals; maybe no one notices them because they are white. oh my God I need a little icon that laughs and cries at the same time! The utter insensitivity of his stance appalled me, but his stupidity surprised me, because he is supposed to be such a financial genius. So start adding up how much it would cost to locate these 12 million people, house them and return them to their country of origin. There went the stimulus package. And you know, I just don't like mean-spirited people, and that stance was mean. I've met people who have literally crawled here to have their shot at freedom and opportunity. Where would I be if my ancestors had been turned away? Would I even be?
Mr. Obama has a 5 point plan for a legal path to citizenship: pay a fine for entering illegally, pay back taxes, back social security, learn to speak English and apply for citizenship. Bingo! This is a humane approach, and the beauty of it is, the illegals pay for it! And they can just pay a little at a time........we're all living pay check to pay check anyway. And just for a litle reality check, we could afford 50 million illegal aliens if we weren't dropping bombs all over the place.
I only bring this up because Rupert Murdoch recently became a citizen. What is the procedure for getting him out of the country, 'cause he's using up way too much oxygen!

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kathy said...

Murdock only became a US citizen to protect his interests in the US media, Fox News.
I propose that as part of his fine for publishing the New York Post cartoon, he should pay all the fines for immigrants under President Obama's plan, and establish a program for learning English at all work sites on company time, perhaps staffed by college students earning community service credits.