Thursday, February 19, 2009

The New York Post really sucks

I can not believe that so-called political cartoon that appeared in the post. And even more, I can't believe the editor/author et al have the nerve to blithely explain it away as something other than what it is.
Clearly this is thinly disguised domestic terrorism. There are probably 30% or so of people in the country who just don't get it, either because they are terminally stupid or morally bankrupt.
I really can see only one response to Rupert Murdoch, and that is to boycott all of his companies and all of his products. I realize that the guys who deliver the papers have to make a buck, but it would be nice if they were in a position to refuse to even touch those newspapers. I already thought no one should watch Fox news. Now I think we should watch nothing of theirs...not even American Idol.
I love Mr. and Mrs. Obama. I feel somehow like they are our brother and sister. There is nothing paternalistic about him, and she is, finally, a modern woman. They are simply trying to work shoulder to shoulder with us, and then we turn on our tv's and see something like this.
Rupert Murdoch and his minions should be ashamed of themselves. They are nothing but hateful, bigotted and inciteful, and this should be treated as a hate crime. The person who allowed this to go to press should be arrested, and there should be a huge fine levied against this corporation. Kudos to Rev Al Sharpton. Boycott anything to do with Rupert Murdoch. Start boycotting anything that is even advertised in these venues and we might see some result.


a.eye said...

I totally agree that it was uncalled for. I don't understand what all the different editors were thinking (or really not thinking) to allow this to pass through the printing process.

I think that people need to really use this and other actions like this as a wake up call to the realities that still exist in our nation.

kathy said...

i suggest using the Post as nothing more than paper to clean up dog doody, nobody even buys that rag, it's usually found on top of a garbage can anyway, the editors are worse than the cartoonist, the editors are probably hoping for publicity so somebody will buy that rag, it ain't worth 25 cents.nice post Sister.