Tuesday, February 24, 2009

During the Bush years, I constantly felt as though we were all stuck in some scene from "Animal Farm" or "1984", and now forever in my mind I will think of them as the Orwellian years. You think in your mind about what those books were like and the way we were constantly bombarded with facts which turned out to be lies, dire warnings of danger were we not to climb on that bus of insanity, and a simply astounding breach in the armour of our constitution.
I feel as though we have been delivered. We have been transported back to the land of rationality and it is safe for our minds to come out of hiding.
I think part of Mr. Obama's great charm is that he reminds us of Jimmy Stewart. He is tall, stalwart, staunch, determined, committed to his own values and confident yet humble; he is the ultimate "good guy". And I am very grateful to be finally getting a good night's sleep again.

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