Thursday, February 26, 2009

I have been reliably informed that the purpose of satire is always to illuminate, not perpetuate.
Satire is the political cartoon's reason for being. Can anyone out there actually claim that the Post's ignoble excuse of a cartoon met that definition? It did convince me of one irrefutable fact; there is a whale of a lot of work left to be done.
Freedom entails responsibility; responsibility to monitor your own behavior so that it does not infringe upon any one else's rights to liberty or opportunity. John Stuart Mills is credited with the saying "Your liberty ends where my nose begins".
In every way possible, the Post and their cartoon let us down.
Did you know that John Wilkes Boothe was a white supremacist; that it is actually that kind of mindless scum that ended the life of a brilliantly kind man? Lincoln was assassinated on april 15, 1865, and in that particular year, the 15th was Good Friday, the same day Jesus was nailed to the cross.
The Christian Right is certainly becoming an oxymoron for me .
I have really grown to love the transparency of the hospital setting. It doesn't take long to separate the wheat from the chaff as regards the people you are working with . The work is very intimate, so people who are predjudiced leave because they consider themselves too good for that kind of work. That is good for us because there is so much more oxygen to breathe!

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