Thursday, December 11, 2008

You know I can't help but wonder if some of this crap happening with the illinois governor is an intentional attempt to throw crap at jesse jackson jr. and ruin his chances. you know, things have obviously improved a great deal since the 60's , but nowhere near enough, as we all well know.
But the fishiest thing of all is the price of gas....I paid $1.61 a gallon in Jersey the other day.
How can it be that wall street crashed, the housing market blew apart in an f5, now the auto makers are gimping along. I wonder how much the bush family lost in the stock market,,oh oh oops ! Their money is all in OIL ! ! ! I guess in a way we should pity them because the only things these folks really have is money. They have no style, no class, no looks ,no brains and not one shred of honor. You know, they only had 2 kids to raise; said 2 kids just sorta drank their way through college. When they spoke at the 2004 Republican convention, it was actually like listening to female beavis and buttheads. One thing about money is that it doesn't buy brains, coherency or an abilty to articulate. Not one bush young enough to serve has served in the military. One of dubya's dummies said she could serve better here at home. HA! the only thing they've served is themselves. My newest dream is to see Bush and Cheney at the defendants' table in the world court.

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