Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Dog Reeby

In the ruined country
Of my heart
I am trying
To keep a small fire lit one small space
For us to sit
Together trying
To stay warm holding
On to each other
Through this horrid
Storm of tears and loss and pain and
On this broke-down road we travel
I am wishing I
Took longer looks internalized and memorized
All those glorious sights we cant find again
No matter the wells we wish at

I am glad we went the way we did
Happy joyful hopeful kids
Playing with this dog we love, Never knowing
How the bridge would crumble nor
Thinking how our souls could tumble.
Her trail is parting way with ours she
Is taking her tail to distant stars
And bringing the
innocent love we felt for her to be
Her only baggage.

1 comment:

kathy said...

I always spelled reeby's name wrong, i thought it was ribi, i love that dog so much myself, i will never, ever forget that time she ran from us chasing a dog, while i wasn't supposed to let the kids hold her leash, she freaking knew it and came right back, i cry for that dog, too.